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If you have never come to church before- you’re very welcome! Some things you see may seem a little unusual, so hopefully this will help put your mind at rest.

Where can I sit?

Sit where you’re comfortable- we often leave 2 rows at the back reserved for young families, who may choose to leave during the service. Feel free to sit anywhere else. If you want to sit on your own that’s fine- but don’t be surprised if someone asks to sit near you.


We sing a few songs to praise God for who he is, and what he has done for us, throughout the service. We usually sing standing up but don’t worry if you want to sit down, or are unable to stand.

Also you don’t have to sing, if you don’t want to or if you don’t know the songs well enough, feel free to stay silent if you prefer! It’s fine if you’re not sure about the tune as you’re not required to sing, but you are welcome if you want to.


Prayer put simply is us talking to God.

Usually in a service the person at the front will pray out loud, at this time the congregation (the people in the Church) might close their eyes or put their hands together to help them concentrate on what is being prayed. At the end of a prayer, the person praying will say ‘Amen’, and everyone else will say it too. This call and response of ‘Amen’ is a way of saying that we all agree with what has been prayed. Once again, if you do not feel comfortable, you do not have to say Amen, and nobody will be offended if you don’t.

A children’s talk

Sometimes someone will speak to the children, because we believe that children are precious gifts from God, and it is good to share the Bible message with them. While the talk is aimed at the children, they include helpful messages for everyone, in fact some adults find these talks very useful.

The sermon

A sermon is a talk given by the person at the front. With God’s help, the pastor explains different parts of the Bible. We usually sit quietly to listen to a sermon but if you need to get up at any point, for example to go to the toilet, please feel free.

What if I’m late?

Please come in quietly but don’t be embarrassed, we’re glad to see you whatever time you arrive!

If no seats are available please let someone know and we’ll gladly put more out for you.

I don’t know anyone!

You don’t have to know someone in church to attend.

I don’t know what to say/do.

Please feel welcome, you won’t be told off if something isn’t done ‘properly’

We hope the information above has given a little insight into what to expect if you come to a church service, and hopefully made the experience a little less daunting.

We do not take an offering during the service, but if you wish to do so there is a box at back of the meeting room for this purpose.

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